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Desert Meditation

Go outside...

Amidst the simple beauty of nature...

And know that as long as places like this exist

There will be comfort for every sorrow

Whatever the circumstances may be

                                                       - Anne Frank


What's behind the name ?

Muriel created the concept of Almagaia in 2008. The word was born from the fusion of two words:


Alma means Soul in Spanish while Gaia refers to Earth in Greek.


Alma relates to our soul and our internal world. It refers to our inner experiences, our feelings and thoughts, our deep relationship with ourselves, our connection to our essence. 


Gaia is a symbol for our external world. It refers to our interaction with our fellow human beings, our connection with nature and our relationship with the outer world.


Almagaia aims to create a healthy bridge between our internal and external world and improve the relationship with our environment and ourselves. We believe that living in a healthy environment supports a healthy psyche. And vice versa.


In the spirit of giving back, here are a few initiatives we have undertaken so far: 


For the Soul side of Almagaia, we bring our focus on trauma healing and confidence building for women.


- Volunteering as therapists for women and adolescent centres in London and Singapore

- Pertapis Malay Home for Girls 

Together with the association Women on a Mission (WOAM), we have helped establish therapeutic and mentoring programmes for teenagers in Singapore. 

- NCAV (National Centre against Violence, Mongolia) Visiting and doing workshop for this women’s centre against domestic abuse 

- Women for Women International UK

Fundraising for this NGO who supports women who survived war and strife in various parts of the planet.


For the Earth side of Almagaia, we support a charity in Ecuador that focuses on the preservation of the Amazon forest and the ancestral way of living of local Tribes.

More info at


We aim to bring awareness to some of our most immediate environmental problems.

For instance, we are committed to:

- reducing the amount of plastic in our daily use

- cleaning beaches wherever possible

- saying no to plastic straws

- planting trees and respecting nature

- teaching our children to be eco-friendly

The greatest threat to our planet is the belief that someone else will save it

                                   - Robert Swan OBE

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