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Online Counselling

I currently offer individual therapy, life and corporate coaching

  • by video - usually Skype, Zoom or WhatsApp video.

  • by phone


Online counselling is useful in the following situations:


  • In the current Covid environment of social distancing and heightened anxiety around our health, online counselling offers a suitable alternative to typical face to face counselling.

  • For those who live far and do not have access to adequate support where they live.

  • For clients who cannot come to a practice due to travel or health reasons.



Phone on Desk

Having online counselling does not make it less effective or less emotive than face to face counselling. 

Remember that there’s no issue too big or too small to bring to your therapist.

Anything that’s impacting you is worth talking about, even if it might seem trivial to someone else.

Preparing for your online session


The environment

The emotional nature of therapy makes it important to have some space and time set aside to engage with this process fully.


Please make sure:

  • you find a space in your home that is as quiet and as private as possible

  • you have a suitable internet connection and your computer is ideally plugged into a power source

  • you turn off all notifications on your computer and phone

  • you are seated in a comfortable place, with good back support 

  • you are seated at eye level to the camera and showing at least your upper body

  • you can be sure to be uninterrupted and not overheard during the session

  • you may wish to have some tissues, pens and paper and a glass of water

  • you can be reached on the phone in case we get unexpectedly cut off 

Self care 

I suggest you give yourself at least 10 minutes before and after the session during which you are not doing anything on your computer. It is advisable to dedicate a little more time for reflecting and processing.

You might also prepare yourself a cup of tea, stand up and stretch your body or go for a short walk outside.

Online details

The day before our meeting, I will send a confirmation of our session date and time (to avoid any confusion with different time zones) and information on how to connect.

By zoom: I will send you an invite

By Skype: my skype ID is murielbauer1

By Whatsapp video to the following number:+44 7719154902


Each session is paid by bank transfer ideally before the beginning of each session.

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