Shruti Jain


I am a doctoral student in existential psychotherapy and have worked over the past few years integrating the philosophical exploration of client’s difficulties and concerns. Existential therapy is a unique form of therapeutic approach that explores the human condition holistically, encouraging individuals to take responsibility and make choices for their own life and success.

Of Indian origin, I have lived in Hong Kong, USA and in the UK and am familiar with the ups and downs of expat life.


I am able to work both in English and Hindi.

My approach

I believe humans have an inherent ability to transform and that a firm therapeutic alliance and mutual trust are crucial elements for self-exploration and reflection. By carefully listening, questioning and attuning to your needs, I enable a process of dialogue that allows for a descriptive narration of your life and your experiences.


As part of the process, I may also add some integrative therapeutic modalities such as CBT, gestalt creative therapy and when required, some form of meditation and mindfulness approach.


Having been exposed to multiple cultures, I have a strong understanding and awareness of equality and diversity issues and am used to working with people from varied backgrounds.

My experience

I am currently studying towards a Doctorate in Professional Studies (DProf) in Existential Psychotherapy and Counselling. I have a BSc in Marketing with a minor in Psychology and an MBA. After ten years of corporate experience in Human Resources, I embarked on a personal journey and decided to retrain as a psychotherapist.

When living in London, I worked in a centre for alcohol and drug addiction, as well as for a charity focused on inter-cultural therapy. This allowed me to work with clients from a wide variety of nationalities, faith, sexual orientations and mental issues. More recently in Singapore, I have been able to deepen this knowledge whilst attending to the needs of the young and adult expat and Singaporean communities.


The areas of concern I am familiar with are:







Identity and sense of self

Grief / Loss

Relationship concerns



Third culture / cultural issues

Professional memberships

I am a student member of the UPCA (Universities Psychotherapy and Counselling Association) and the SAC (Singapore Association for Counselling). In order to deepen my knowledge, I take part in trainings several times a year and attend weekly existential therapy supervision. 

For queries and appointments : 

Mon, Tues and Wednesday

Tel +65 81575876