Marie-Liesse Calmejane

Certified executive & life coach trained in Integral Development

Having experienced the power of effective coaching throughout my 17 years of corporate life, I decided to become a coach to help people unleash their potential while fulfilling deeper aspirations.


I view our coaching partnership as a process of empowerment and self-discovery. I will offer an open and authentic space where you can feel motivated and appropriately challenged to make meaningful progress.

Raised in France, I started my career and family in Paris before moving to Hong-Kong and then Singapore, where I continue to work and raise my 4 boys who have become, in their own way, my little personal coaches!


I work in both English and French.

My approach to coaching


Integral Coaching is an evolving method especially tailored to the challenges you may face in your life. 


I aim to focus on the bigger picture in order to catalyse worthwhile change at all levels. Metaphorically speaking, we will adjust the entire layout of the house before rearranging the furniture in each room.


I develop personalised programs for each client so that together, we can agree on an overall purpose and a set of attainable outcomes. My role is to support my clients in order for them to reach long-term excellence, which means that they become both self-correcting and self-generating in a way that brings fulfilment. This can only happen when people feel truly understood and start to make conscious, personal choices. For some, this may involve accepting that there are certain factors in their lives that are beyond our control. 

Here are some issues I have experience with:

  • Feeling stuck at work: losing motivation, meaning and direction

  • Feeling overwhelmed: improving work/life balance, handling burn out and stress

  • Career transitions: being relocated or promoted, shifting from corporate leadership to entrepreneurship

  • Management issues: dealing with conflicts with your team, boss or peers

  • Improve leadership skills: fostering diversity, developing inclusivity, empathy and courage

  • Women at work: improving self-confidence, becoming politically-savvy, managing the 'imposter' syndrome, breaking through the glass-ceiling, developing executive presence.

Individual Coaching Packages


We work together on improving self-awareness and maximising success through customised exercises and practices, creating lasting change both at work and at home. Before starting a coaching program, we both need to feel we can be a 'good match' so I am happy to meet you for a free  chemistry session.

All programs start with a first Intake session lasting up to 120 minutes.

A typical program consists of 10 sessions lasting 60-90 minutes, usually 2 weeks apart so that the program rarely exceeds 6 months.

Cost: 3000$

However, according to the goals we set together, we can also agree on a shorter program (7 sessions)

Cost: 2000$

If additional sessions are necessary, they will be charged at an hourly rate of 200$.

My experience

Before becoming a coach, I worked in communications and change management. After spending 3 years in a consulting firm, I developed my career for 14 years at a multinational company in France and Asia. I gained valuable experience in Leadership Development and Multicultural Management.


In Singapore, I now focus on one-on-one coaching programs that help leaders during important career steps - be it a big promotion or a burnout, a shift in career path, planning for mobility, boosting confidence or dealing with difficult relationships at work.

I also work with Masters students and young professionals, helping to plan purposeful careers in line with their skills and identity.

I run workshops for leadership teams using the Emergenetics framework, where individual profiling helps leaders understand how they can best tap into the variety of skills put forth by team members.


As a strong advocate for diversity, I promote the EVE Program in Asia, a unique inter-company Women leadership seminar with a motto that completely resonates with my coaching style: “BE YOURSELF AND UNLEASH YOUR POTENTIAL!". 


Professional memberships

Certified Integral Coach, by New Ventures West

Associate Certified Coach, by the International Coaching Federation.

Certified Associate with Emergenetics.


I am committed to continuously improving my knowledge and my coaching practice by attending seminars and training sessions, as well as regularly being supervised by a qualified peer.

For queries and appointments : 

Monday to Friday

Tel +65 9145 0561

We cannot choose our external circumstances, but we can always choose how we respond to them  
- Epictetus