Coping with Covid-19

In the current situation of Covid-19 and social distancing, the safety and welfare of our clients is our highest priority. We are available to support you during this ‘out of the ordinary’ period online sessions (Skype, Zoom or WhatsApp video calls).

ALMAGAIA is going Online as a response to Covid-19

How We Can Help

The world has changed dramatically in a matter of weeks. The onset of the Covid-19 virus has brought severe disruptions to our personal and professional life. It is normal to feel some amount of stress and anxiety about your health and the health of our loved ones. Working positively and proactively to maintain your mental health is essential to your physical health and overall wellbeing. Importantly, there are many simple, practical things you can do even in difficult times to care for your mind and body and increase your resilience and adaptability. 


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We wish to be of service at this time of particular need:


We work remotely

If you have a family member, friend or co-worker who is struggling with their mental health needs, please let them know that we can support them remotely wherever they may be based. We are glad to work with clients internationally. 


We offer flexible online appointments

We understand that privacy may now be an issue for some clients, due to home-schooling, working from home, and the presence of other family members. We are therefore committed to being available flexibly to meet your needs.

We support our clients facing financial difficulties

We also understand that some current or potential clients may be facing financial difficulties at the moment. Please do discuss any such concerns and we will do our best to provide what support we can.


We adapt our therapies to help you cope with this new challenging environment

We are able to tailor support to your needs whether you are looking for short or long term therapy, or prefer a more focused coaching session. We can for example develop a personalised self-care plan to navigate this uncertain time.